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06 Aug 2015 
Updated Aug. 4, 2015 6:03 p.m. ET

When Christopher Kas, the coach of German tennis pro Sabine Lisicki, watches Lisicki compete in Stanford, Calif., this week, he'll have at his disposal a piece of technology so revolutionary that tennis fans and commentators might go into a frenzy and wonder if it should be banned: an iPad.

The women's tour is experimenting with on-court coaching rules that already allow players to call a coach to the sideline once per set for a 90-second, mic'd-up pep talk that is broadcast to television viewers. At the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford this week, coaches can also bring along an iPad loaded up with data.

The tablet has software designed by SAP, the tour's technology partner since 2013, that collects live data from matches.

There are standard tennis stats, like aces and first-serve percentage, fed to the devices from the chair umpire's electronic scoring system. For matches played on courts with Hawk-Eye, the line-calling technology used to challenge calls, there is much more, including graphics that display court positioning for each shot, where serves land and other player tendencies. A coach might zero in on specific points--for example, every time the score was 40-15--to show that a player didn't play from an aggressive position in key moments.

"It's the same idea as in football," Kas said. "If you're going to have a third down, you want to know what happens on third-and-2. It changes the art of coaching."

The iPads, which will be given to coaches during events and then must be returned, have screen settings for shade and sun, and cases that SAP produced with a 3-D printer that are supposed to keep them from overheating. Coaches can use them at six other tournaments this season and at more next year, said Stacey Allaster, chief executive of the WTA, the women's pro tennis tour.

"Ultimately this is to improve our athletes' performance and provide richer data and storytelling for media," Allaster said. "We are in the sporting entertainment business, it's not just about hitting forehands and backhands."

While other sports have given coaches and fans stats galore, tennis has largely remained in the data dark ages. It also has an uneasy relationship with coaching. Coaches aren't allowed to shout advice from the stands, and if they do, umpires can issue warnings, assess point penalties and even hand out fines. Traditionalists see on-court coaching as a violation of the game's sacred one-on-one solitude, even though most other sports, including other individual sports, have coaches calling plays, flashing hand signals, taking timeouts and yelling from the sidelines.

The pros are part of the problem: They are often skeptical of on-court coaching, which started in 2008--even after they request a visit. In Brisbane in 2011, Jarmila Gajdosova called Sam Groth, her husband at the time and a fellow pro, to the court for advice during a tense match. She didn't like what she heard.

"Don't talk to me like a f-- tourist," she said.

Lindsay Davenport, the former top-ranked player in the world, coaches 20-year-old American Madison Keys, who is playing in Stanford this week. Davenport said the data could help ease tension that can escalate during any courtside critique.

"It will be great to be able to go out there and say, 'You have hit every single serve to this spot; can you please listen up?' " Davenport said. "These are the facts."

The WTA's data push goes beyond on-court coaching. Once off court, players and coaches can log into a database that stores match data, including Hawk-Eye data when available. The tour doesn't have immediate plans to open up all of the data to media and fans, but Allaster said that was the tour's long-term goal.

"Other sports are delivering rich data to media and to fans," she said. "To be competitive, we need to do the same."

The men's tour doesn't allow on-court coaching at men's tournaments and has no plans to do so. It also doesn't compile Hawk-Eye data for its players or coaches, or make it easily accessible to media. Simon Higson, a tour spokesman, said the tour is reviewing how it uses Hawk-Eye data.

Nick Saviano, the longtime coach who now works with 22-year-old American Sloane Stephens, said the tour's growing data trove has changed how he works and helped him prepare game plans, especially against players he hasn't seen play often in person. But he doesn't want data with him while he is talking to a player on court.

"I would glean information from the iPad," he said. "But I would not bring it on a court. That is too much of a distraction."

Frankie Brennan III, the associate head coach for Stanford University's women's tennis team, was one of the first coaches to use the technology on court last weekend, when he visited Taylor Davidson, a junior at Stanford who was playing in the qualifying draw for the pro event. Brennan told Davidson she was missing too many first serves and needed to hit them with more spin to increase her percentage.

"It was neat to bring it out there and have proof of what I was talking about it," he said.

Brennan did have one problem with the iPad, while he was sitting in the stands: Despite its specially designed case, it couldn't handle the California sun.

"I was so excited using it that it overheated on me, the warning message came on," he said. "I had to put it in the shade."
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05 Aug 2015 
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05 Aug 2015 
He had been repeatedly punched in the deal with before the robbers grabbed a money box containing 8,000 which had been later on opened in the "quite sophisticated manner" utilizing a disc cutter as well as angle-grinder.

Another transit driver, employed by G4S ended up being attacked away from Alexander Theatre about August 6.

The gang struck once again 5 times later with Morrisons in five Ways.

They travelled to be able to Nottingham intending in order to rob yet another transit nevertheless the attack had been foiled.

They then returned to become able to Birmingham, targeting any driver creating a delivery into a RBS bank, inside Calthorpe Road, prior to the pub attack.

Soon after, the police moved in.

Jason Bartfeld, with regard to Cotterell, mentioned which he had merely played any "junior" role within the conspiracy along with was, in order to a range of extent, lead simply by others.

Andrew Frymann, representing Koryang, mentioned no victims had sustained significant injuries..

TargetL the Edgbaston Tap ended up being raided through the trio

A gang regarding robbers funded any luxury lifestyle by means of a series of shockingly violent attacks in transit drivers along along with a brutal midnight pub raid.

Emmanuel Koryang, 22, as well as Peter White, 25, as well as Lance Cotterell, 19,were all jailed today after getting convicted pertaining to conspiracy to always be able to rob following a four week trial.

Birmingham Crown Court heard how in a attack from Edgbaston Tap pub the actual three men threatened to chop limbs off terrified staff along with customers having an angle-grinder.

As their particular victims lay on the floor, several of these bound through cable-ties, these people heard your tool getting starting-up.

They were also doused in alcohol as well as told they'd be torched unless these people revealed exactly where cash has been kept.

The regime of terror compensated for any jet-set lifestyle, studies your Birmingham Mail.

The mob posed pertaining to Facebook images necking 300 bottles of bubbly, wore designer clothes as well as jewellery and enjoyed any lavish break within Newcastle.

Emmanuel Koryang, 22, associated with Colombia Close, Edgbaston, and Peter White, 25, involving Rotten Park Road, Winson Green, had been each jailed regarding 12 years.

Lance Cotterell, 19, of Wynn Street, Lee Bank, has been sentenced in order to 11 years detention.

Judge Francis Laird QC informed them: "You specific soft, vulnerable targets. some were cash in transit delivery drivers, working alone, operating from vans, carrying significant numbers of cash.

"The aim associated with this conspiracy would have been to gain significant levels of money.

"You stole somewhere within the region regarding 16,500 more than the program of the 5 week period.

"In the center of that period regarding time there is the visit to Newcastle by which huge levels of cash had been spent on lavish nights out as well as costly alcohol which in turn is just able to be described because the higher existence for a really brief space regarding time."

He described the particular attack around the Edgbaston Tap pub as "chilling" saying: "It must are already the terrifying encounter for that victims associated with this behaviour."

The Actual team 1st struck in July 30 a year ago when two men approached a new transit driver using cash from Cineworld

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04 Aug 2015 
The sap is subjected when the plant is reduced or torn down.-- Vermont's Wellness Division has placed out a warning regarding the wild parsnip, a plant usual to roadsides, areas and also fields that could cause significant skin responses in individuals subjected to its sap in sunlight.

The plant is likewise plentiful in Maine and various other New England states.

The sap of the wild parsnip causes a chemical shed that could create an unpleasant response just like a second-degree sunburn.

The plant is a member of the carrot family that reaches a height of 2 to 4 feet with leaves that look like celery leaves as well as yellow flowers that look just like Queen Anne's Shoelace.

People that obtain sap on their skin should wash it with soap as well as water and secure skin from sunlight for a minimum of 2 Days

. Responses begin about 24 to Two Days after call with the sap and also sunshine and also includes soreness, burns just like second-degree sunburns, uncomfortable breakouts and elevated blisters.


. Throughout peak summer season, call with the sap of the wild parsnip triggers a chemical melt

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04 Aug 2015 
Then exactly how does he detail "Judgement Day.".

Do you assume the Catholic church should start permitting gay marriage?

Thirdly, I was under the perception that clergymans, in contrast to just what we review, typically aren't supposed to be having sex or getting wed. If that is the case, then what difference does the sexual orientation of the clergyman make?

Sorry, you require to have javascript running to see this survey.

First off, doesn't the Catholic Church oppose homosexuality? According to American, the Catholic Church opposes gay marital relationship and the social acceptance of homosexuality as well as same-sex partnerships, but instructs that homosexual individuals are entitled to regard, justice as well as pastoral treatment. Currently if that's their policy, then just how can they enable a gay clergyman? Secondly, if they are visiting permit gay clergymans, then why not allow gay wedding celebrations also?. Yet that decision needs to most likely come from up high.

Pope Francis says God doesn't judge. Joseph's Boys Secondary school in West New york city, this working with raises many inquiries.

There's a brand-new clergyman coming to St Lawrence Roman Catholic Church in Weehawken and Saints Peter as well as Paul Church in Hoboken as well as he goes against the grain of the Catholic church.

For someone like myself who was raised Catholic and also participated in catholic college at both the grade school level, at Holy Rosary Academy in Union City and also senior high school, at St. There are 3.5 million Catholics in New Jersey who are probably asking yourself the exact same thing as I am.

Churchdbvirago, ThinkStock.

The Reverend Warren Hall that is freely gay and claims to have actually been fired from Seton Hall over a professional LBGT facebook blog post, starts his brand-new posts Aug 15.

If the Catholic church is visiting permit gay priests, then why not raise the restriction on heterosexual priests being celibate and also enabling them to obtain wed? You would probably attract even more clergymans and also they 'd possibly be relatable to more individuals. The Vatican and Pope John Paul II are talking out against the expanding variety of locations that acknowledge same-sex marriages.

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